BIMBOX computers built for AEC applications

BIMBOX AEC Workstations - Kelar Pacific Partner

The fastest workstations designed and built for AEC applications

BIMBOX offers four computer systems – STRYKERLYNXVECTOR & RAPTOR.  Each system has been designed to exceed the hardware requirements of AEC applications and can be further customized to meet your specific needs.

BIMBOX Stryker

Stryker is the fastest system with clock speeds up to 5Ghz. These systems are perfectly built for single-threaded applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Infraworks 360, and other design tools. It is also ideal for programs such as Fuzor, Lumion, Enscape, Revizto, and other real-time rendering solutions.

BIMBOX Stryker Spec Sheet

Need more mobility?
Check out the STRYKER GT-M & GTX-M Mobile Desktop.


The Lynx system is ideal for the user working with a wider range of solutions and multi-threaded applications. The LYNX can handle and manage large file conversions, as well as provide the necessary resources to accommodate research and development projects. With six high-speed cores the LYNX systems are well-suited for single core applications along with programs such as 3ds Max, Inventor, Maya and can power through processing the occasional laser scan.
Note: not recommended for regular scan processing.

“Opens Navisworks files 100 times faster”
Kelly Cone, ClearEdge 3D

BIMBOX Lynx Spec Sheet


The Vector is an eight-core high-speed system with virtually no limitations – the ideal system for users who seek to innovate. This system enables the ability to design, create, render, and process. The Vector hails core clock speeds higher than 99% of all systems in the world. It also ranks in the 3D-Mark Hall of Fame making it an ideal system for users who want to be prepared for the future and will not settle for anything less than the best.

BIMBOX Vector Spec Sheet


The Raptor is for users seeking the maximum processing capacity – ideal for continual point cloud processing and rendering. It is the highest capacity system available short of a Xeon-based system which costs thousands more and runs at much lower speeds. The Raptor relies on 10 cores (20 threads) to crush Big Data workloads. It is perfect for the user that pushes innovation to the limits.

BIMBOX Raptor Spec Sheet

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BIMBOX stryker-m laptopSTRYKER GT-M and GTX-M

The Stryker M series is the mobile equivalent to the Stryker workstation with a desktop processor and desktop graphics solution and offered in both a 15.6″ (GT-M) and 17.3″ (GT-M & GTX-M) models. You can now travel with the fastest laptop platform in the world with clock speeds of 4.2Ghz and Dual 1080 GPUs configurations. For users that need extreme performance on the go. 

Benchmarks don't lie - More Power at a Better Price.
See how BIMBOX compares to high-end gaming systems.

3DMark 11 performance score

3DMark Vantage Performance

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